Mark's Blackburn Court Basement Bar

Below are images of a scale University of Dayton Flyers basketball court,
built in the basement of Mark Tragesser, die-hard UD fan.

Click on the images to see a larger version. Be sure not to miss the 360 degree panorama version at the bottom!

UD Arena

First, a look at the original Blackburn court inside UD Arena, Home of the Dayton Flyers!
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The scale Blackburn Court floor in front of the bar. A UD Flyer basketball backboard and hoop can be seen at the far end
Plus there's pinball and pool for more fun!
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Wide angle shot showing functional basketball hoops at both ends.
The backboards fold up to the ceiling to be out of the way.
To the left of the pinball machine is a small pond that contains 4 different species of turtles.
Dart boards and a television are on the far right.
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Mark himself standing behind his bar. He built this bar from salvaged church pews from
St. Helens church on Burkhardt Rd (home of the giant St. Helen's festival every summer).
The basketball to Mark's right is signed by the coach himself, Brian Gregory.
To his left, a Beermiester! And behind him photos of Ohio State football (the winning teams).
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A wide-angle view of miniature Blackburn Court from the opposite end.
Pool, football, and hot water can be found to the right.
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Standard, non-wide-angle view.
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Click here to see a 360 degree panorama!

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